Previous Camps

Camp COLLIDE has had six strong summers. We're looking forward to more. Here's some of what we've experienced from a personality standpoint through the years:

(I'm working on getting links for everything. I'll post as I gather them.)



  • Tom Richter (Camp Pastor)

  • The Museum (Worship)

  • Mark Munoz- UFC (Morning speaker)

  • Scott Risgby- Iron man (Morning speaker)

  • Julia Immonen (Morning speaker)

  • Chicago Boyz (Late Night)

  • Ultimate game-show (Late Night)


  • Jason Cook (Camp Pastor)

  • James Tealy (Worship)

  • Mark Mittleberg- apologist (Morning Speaker)

  • Blake Adams- mentalist (Late Night)

  • Survey Says Game show (Late Night)


  • Tom Richter (Camp Pastor)

  • Chris Clayton (Worship)

  • Any Mineo (Late Night - Concert)

  • Jonnie W (Late Night)

  • Sean Lowe (Morning speaker)

  • Georgia Cook (Morning speaker)

  • Bradie James (Morning speaker)


  • Mike Satterfield (Camp Pastor)

  • Jeff Johnson Band (Worship)

  • Jared Hall (Late Night)

  • Dan Meyer – sword swallower (late night)

  • Sean McDowell- apologist (Morning speaker)

  • Outcast BMX (late night)


  • Tom Richter (Camp Pastor)

  • Jason Gray (Worship)

  • KJ-52 (Late Night - Concert)

  • Square Dancing (Late Night)

  • World’s strongest man (Morning speaker)

  • Shelene Bryan (Morning speaker)